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BASW G.Dip Counselling
AASW Registration 472254
Step By Step Registration SBS160346


I am a first generation Australian of Greek descent, which has given me a unique outlook on the connection between culture and family relationships. I have had personal experiences with mental health which allow me insight into factors which increase the risk of mental health, as well as the impacts of mental health. After graduating with a degree in Social Work, my passion for working with children and families affected by trauma led me to a career within child protection and out of home care. I supported vulnerable families within case management roles for almost a decade. My relationship with children and young people drove my determination to seek better outcomes.

During my time in case management, I also spent time working as an independent clinician with Assessment’s Australia for several years. In this role I worked alongside health services, specialists, government agencies and NGOs to provide formal assessments with investigation, court reports and recommendations around therapeutic interventions. My role sought to empower children and young people through communication in a developmentally appropriate way.

I began work as a crisis counsellor at the Kids Helpline in 2020, which allowed me to experience supporting children in a number of contexts. I have experience as a counsellor supporting adult survivors of sexual assault through the National Redress Scheme, which seeks to assist those impacted by institutional abuse. I currently work in Behaviour Support through NDIS, and thoroughly enjoy supporting the rights of those with a disability as well as assisting them to build their skills.

My therapeutic skills and knowledge are based in both traditional talk therapies, as well as alternative evidence-based therapies, such as yoga. I hope to explore further evidence-based alternative therapies in the future. I specialize in assisting the build the resilience of clients who have complex trauma, have experienced systemic abuse, experience suicidality and self-harm as well as internalizing and externalizing behaviours.

Service area: Penrith LGA and Online.


Dip.Soc BASoc MASW
AASW Registration 494218
Step By Step Registration SBS160824

Picture of Kiera Marsh

I am the descendant of a Forgotten Australian, as my grandparent was brought up in youth housing. This has given me a unique outlook on intergenerational trauma. I completed a Bachelor of Social Science because of my passion for human rights. I have since completed a Master of Social Work, which allowed me to learn practical skills for supporting clients with their biopsychosocial needs.

My passion for working with children and young people led me to a career in out of home care in the NGO sector. I have been able to support children and their families affected by trauma in a case management role. I use motivational interview skills to empower the children support them to meet their goals.

I have a passion for a strengths-based and person-centred approach; I find these approaches assist me to seek the best outcomes for children and young people. I also have excellent knowledge around referrals to support wraparound care. I am a registered Step by Step assessor and have assessed foster and kinship carers.

My time at Lifeline cemented my therapeutic skills and interest in supporting those who experience suicidal ideation and self-harm. Supporting those in crisis has allowed me to gain a number of skills in assisting someone who is experiencing overwhelming emotions or disconnection.

Service Area: Blacktown LGA and Online


G.Cert SocSci MASW
AASW Registration 481039

Picture of Namrata Dhamija

I am a first-generation immigrant of Indian background, and this has enabled me to gain a rich understanding of cultural differences within families and societies. I became interested in working with people as a child, as I saw my mother volunteering to help vulnerable communities. This developed a passion in me to work with vulnerable people.

Since I have completed my master’s in social work, my experience has assisted me to work in a trauma informed manner with clients who have complex needs. I work within an integrated person-centred, strength- based and culturally sensitive approach. I have training in art therapy, positive behaviour support, person centred support and enjoy incorporating play into therapy.

I also work as a Behaviour Support Practitioner through NDIS.  In my behaviour support role, I have worked with a diverse range of clients. I have experience supporting participants living with severe mental health conditions such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and severe depression and anxiety.

As a result of my experience, I have developed an interest in working in disability, with experience working with clients who have been diagnosed with an Acquired Brain Injury, Neurological and Psychosocial conditions. I specialise in building capacity in an empowering manner, allowing clients to learn how to manage emotions and navigate their world.

Service area: Blacktown LGA, The Hills LGA and Online.


BASW (Distinction)
AASW Registration 652531

Picture of Lauren Dunn

I’m an Australian of Aboriginal decent and have lived-experienced of the impacts of separation from country and culture. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about hearing people’s stories, supporting them to connect with strengths-based perspectives of who they are and how they can achieve better outcomes for their lives – this then led me to study and graduate with Distinction in a Bachelor of Social Work.

Throughout my career working with young people, and their families Out-of-Home Care; and survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, I’ve come to understand that trauma is not only what happens to someone, but how they make sense of and internalise their experiences. Drawing on trauma-informed mindfulness and self-compassion, alongside a positive and trusting therapeutic relationship, this can help to start the healing journey.

I’ve been described as someone who is warm, patient, and attuned. I work within a person-centred and trauma-informed framework. This means recognising the role that trauma has had in someone’s life; valuing the importance of safety and trust as the foundations of the therapeutic relationship, empowering people to have a voice in their story and choices and collaborating in the support they receive.

I have experience working in the non-Government and Government organisations, in face-to-face and virtual counselling environments; case management with young people and adults; and conducting psychosocial assessments partnering with young people, adults, families, specialists, health services and Government agencies.

I have experience in the following areas:

Emotional Wellbeing, including Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Emotional Regulation

Mental Health including Anxiety and Depression

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Issues Relating to Living in Care

Family, Friend & Relationship Challenges

New Graduate Social Workers & Young Professionals

My therapeutic approach is also informed by the understanding that children, and those who grow to become adults are consistently interacting with and being influenced by different ‘systems or environments in their life, both directly and in-directly, all of which play a role in development and outcomes in their life. I use traditional talk-based therapies, drawing on evidence-based interventions including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Narrative Therapy.

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