After graduating with a degree in Social Work, my passion for working with children and families affected by trauma led me to a career within child protection and out of home care. I have supported vulnerable children and families within case management roles for almost a decade, with extensive experience working within both government and NGO sectors. My working relationship with children and young people drove my determination to seek better support and outcomes.

During my time in case management, I extended my role to work externally as a consulting clinician with Assessment’s Australia for three years. As an independent service, I worked alongside a range of health services, specialists, government agencies and NGO’s to providing comprehensive reporting including investigation, court reports, trauma interventions, child development and interviewing. My role sought to empower children and young people by providing recommendations to governing bodies with a heavy emphasis on their wishes.

I have been working within a direct therapeutic role with my client base to support them in growing and developing their resilience, and began work as a counsellor at the Kids Helpline in 2020. I have recently had experience as a counsellor supporting adult survivors of sexual assault through the National Redress Scheme and currently work in Behaviour Support through NDIS.

My therapeutic skills and knowledge are based in both traditional talk therapies, as well as alternative evidence-based therapies, such as yoga. I hope to explore further evidence-based alternative therapies in the future.

I specialize in working with clients who have complex trauma, have experienced systemic abuse, experience suicidality and self harm as well as internalizing and externalizing behaviors. I am passionate about working with youth, vulnerable people and families and those who have difficulty with communication to increase their resilience.

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